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Find the perfect Food.Tech employee with us

Take your recruitment process to the next level with our innovative solutions to the next level. Let and help you find the right candidates to and achieve your business goals.

Performance recruiting

uses targeted, measurable social media marketing on LinkedIN, Facebook and Instagram to increase your visibility and automatically target and recruit top candidates.

Professional Search

relies not only on our talent pool and job advertisements, but also on direct, personalized contact and data analysis on platforms such as LinkedIn in order to identify and contact suitable top candidates for your company in a targeted and efficient manner.

How we reach 100% of applicants

30% of applicants actively search
70% of applicants are passive

Your advantages as an employer with us

We work 360┬░ - you have a personal consultant who knows the candidates and you

Member of Food.Tech networks (such as SVIAL, SGLWT, ClusterFoodNutrition etc)

+2,900 followers on LinkedIn

We have 40 years of practical professional experience in the sector

We use performance recruiting to find suitable candidates faster

Candidates contact us proactively

Some of our customers